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Our Process

Our Process

TCB International’s ore processing capabilities enable us to extract precious metals from ore concentrates, black sands, sulfide ores, and telluride ores at a high rate of recovery due to several factors.


Our in house lab thoroughly tests your ore for precious metal recovery using fire assays and leach tests on your ore. Our capability to perform leach tests ranging from .5 lbs to 50 lbs allow us to adjust our leach to the unique properties of your ore to obtain the highest extraction possible.

millKnowing that the key to successful leaching is exposing the precious metal to the leach, our circuit contains a vibratory grinder that grinds the ore while in leach solution.


Your ore is then leached in gravity fed agitation tanks that are monitored by computers to maintain the proper chemistry balance.

LeachTwo large filter presses allow us to capture the ore tailings, process ore continuously and send pregnant solution to recovery tanks to be stripped of precious metals using ion exchange resin beads.

FilterOnce the leach solution has been stripped of precious metals it is then returned to our circuit. Housed within our 9000 square foot facility, our closed loop system allows us to recycle our environmentally safe leach, limit water and power usage, and safely contain any hazardous material that may be found within an ore.


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