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Sulfide Ore Processing

Processing Sulfide Ores


Historically, miners have shipped their sulfide concentrates to overseas smelters that have little to no regulations or emissions controls.  However, with the implementation of the Mercury Export Ban of 2008 and the high costs of installing equipment to prepare sulfide ores for cyanide leaching, many companies are searching for alternative forms of processing their sulfide ores.

sulfide-ore-2Instead of relying on autoclaves or roasting to prepare a sulfide ore for traditional leaching, our vibratory grinder on our circuit allows our leach to make contact with the precious metal encapsulated in the sulfide so leaching can occur. With the aggressive nature of our leach allowing us to process most ores in an hour, our process allows us to contain the amount of sulfur that is released into our solution and capture it in our filter presses instead of releasing hazardous gasses into the earth’s atmosphere.

Benefits of Partnering with TCB International

sulfide-ore-4In addition to a higher rate of recovery and protecting the environment, there are additional benefits of partnering with TCB to process your sulfide ores:

For companies with platinum group sulfide ore with valuable base metals of nickel, cobalt, etc…in their ores, TCB can remove the precious metals and companies can then send the processed tailings to the proper refiner.

TCB allows company representatives to be present during processing at our facility.

Our Phoenix location provides easy access for your company to verify and observe your ore being processed, thereby avoiding costly and time consuming disputes that are difficult to resolve when processing in other countries. Your company’s representatives are welcome to observe your ore being processed.

With many investors being environmentally minded while looking for highest rate of return possible , partnering with TCB would be a key advantage for your growing company.

Free sampling for companies presently using  smelters

To show our commitment to the environment, TCB is offering companies that are presently using smelters for their sulfide concentrates free testing of their ore with our leach.

Contact TCB for details and requirements.